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Samsung Display startet am 1.April mit Fokus auf OLED-Tv

Samsung hat also nun entschieden das man das LCD Geschäft in eine eigene Firma ausgliedert. Diese Firma wird vorrausichtlich Samsung Display Co. heißen. Die Firma wird am 1.April 2012 mit einen Eigenkapital von 700 Millionen Dollar gegründet werden. Analysten sind der Meinung das diese Firma sich mit Samsung Mobile Display vereinigen wird und den Fokus auf große OLED-Tv Panels legen wird. Auf der CES-2012 zeigte ja SAMSUNG den KE55ES9600 ein 55 Zoll Super-OLED-Tv der noch dieses Jahr auf den Markt kommen soll.


Samsung Presse Mitteilung:
Samsung Electronics, LCD, display the newly launched company that specializes

LCD business division in April through the „Samsung Display Co., Ltd. (tentative name)“ will be established

rapid decision-making and efficient resource management, including resources and capabilities to enhance business competitiveness and focus, the best promotion company specializing in display
Samsung Electronics LCD Business, open on the 20th of the Management Board in order to enhance the competitiveness of the LCD division has approved to split the agenda.

Display rapidly changing market environment and effectively respond to the fierce competition eopchegan to ensure competitive differentiation and rapid decision-making system capable of efficient operation of management resources management system that is the purpose of this split.

„Samsung Display Co., Ltd. (tentative name)“ on April 1 of the 7,500 billion in initial capital will be launched as a new entity. Samsung about this split in the March general meeting of shareholders approved plans to go through.

Bakdonggeon vice president of Samsung Electronics‘ LCD business manager: „This split LCD business is the speed of your business can be secured to the diverse needs of Customers.Therefore were able to respond quickly,“ he said. „Business competitiveness to our customers advanced products and a step I will try to provide technology and services, „he said.

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